Postcards from places visited by Edward Stratemeyer on his vacations

by James D. Keeline

Stratemeyer frequently visited Ocean Grove, NJ between 1894 and 1905 both as a source of solitude for his writing and a vacation spot for his family.

Beginning in 1908 his short respites took him to Atlantic City, another New Jersey resort community and later the basis for the locations on the Monopoly® boardgame in the 1930s.

In 1909 he took a cross-country trip from New York to Seattle (to attend the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition) by train via Chicago and Yellowstone Park. While in the park he took a long tour by stage coach to the various geysers and sites. He used his experiences when guiding the Syndicate volume written by St. George Rathborne, The Pioneer Boys of the Yellowstone some years later. He returned home by way of the Canadian Rockies with its Glaciers and Banff National Park and the Great Lakes.

In 1915 he took another long trip which included taking in the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Diego, CA. While there he stayed in Coronado, likely at the Hotel del Coronado.

He then traveled up the coast to San Francisco to see the companion Exposition held there.

From there he traveled inland to Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Colorado Springs. There he visited Pike's Peak and The Garden of the Gods with one of Harriet's Wellesley chums and he likely stayed at the Broadmoor Hotel.