Campo: Truck Museum and Train Museum
James and Kim Keeline
June 2007
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DSCF7782 DSCF7794 DSCF7797
DSCF7807 DSCF7812 DSCF7814
DSCF7815 DSCF7816 DSCF7819
DSCF7828 DSCF7840 DSCF7847
DSCF7849 DSCF7850 DSCF7851
DSCF7852 DSCF7875 DSCF7880
DSCF7883 DSCF7887 DSCF7893
DSCF7896 DSCF7900 DSCF7905
DSCF7914 DSCF7915 DSCF7919
DSCF7921 DSCF7927 DSCF7928
DSCF7931 DSCF7932 DSCF7937
DSCF7938 DSCF7945 DSCF7946
DSCF7950 DSCF7958 DSCF7962
DSCF7965 DSCF7969 DSCF7973
DSCF7976 DSCF7977 DSCF7981
DSCF7983 DSCF7988 DSCF7989
DSCF7992 DSCF8000 DSCF8001
DSCF8002 DSCF8009 DSCF8011
DSCF8019 DSCF8020