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About Us is a simple portal page to help you find out more about what interests us. We link to most of the major sites which we have built to share our interests or to other people's sites which we enjoy.

If you are here, you either share an interest with us, know us, or are trying to get to know us, so this page will give you some basic biographical information.

This site was put together by two people.

  • James Douglas Keeline
  • Kimberlee Diane Keeline

We have been married since Jan. 6, 1996 although we have known each other since about 1983. As you can tell from our home page, we share a lot of common interests and hobbies. Here is some more information about us:

James D. Keeline was born in Orange County but has spent almost his entire life in San Diego county. Interested at an early age in space technology and computers, he was a born tinkerer who liked to take apart radios and try out new technology. His first computer was a VIC-20 and he immediately began experimenting with programming. He has been active in that field ever since (we currently own several Macs and Linux machines). He studied Physics in college but did not pursue this as a career. While in school he began work for a used bookstore and became interested in the field of books. He worked at the store for many years, managing it and running their web site and computer network. He also began his work as a researcher and author about children's series books. He is particularly interested in the Stratemeyer Syndicate and its founder Edward Stratemeyer. When he left the bookstore, he decided to pursue his love of computers once again and worked on learning the latest technologies. That is when he became more interested in open source technology and began his in-depth work with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). He currently teaches computer classes part-time and works as a web developer.

Kim D. Keeline (formerly Kim Lusk) was born in Washington State but, since her father was in the Navy, they began moving when she was three months old. She has lived many places in her life, including the Philippines, but San Diego became her real home. An avid reader, she was drawn to the idea of teaching English literature shortly after high school (right after giving up the idea of acting!). After receiving her BA at San Diego State University, she spent two years in Pullman, WA getting her MA at Washington State University. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Southern California. Her dissertation is on the representations of working women in London during the time of Shakespeare. She has been teaching composition classes at various colleges since 1992 but hopes to get more literature-related coursework upon completion of her degree. She has recently taken a woodworking class once a week and really enjoyed learning to operate power tools. This is just part of an ongoing experimentation with different crafts over the years (trying out tile mosaics, glass paperweights, glass etching, painting, crocheting, etc.). The woodworking, however, she may stick to, unlike some past experiments in crafting.

Our hobbies, which we don't really get to spend much time on, although it may look like it from our web pages, include book collecting and trains. We like to travel although we seldom get to do so, it seems. We are both very fond of reading, although neither of us have much time for fiction due to time at work. Kim likes to watch anime and James joins her for a few shows. We are addicted to buying things on eBay, particularly books or things related to our various Disneyland collections. You can see from our home page that we spend some time each month volunteering at the Poway-Midland railroad, working on an old steam locomotive and we also own a small 7.5" gauge train which we have been enjoying about once a month.

We keep busy and like to share our experiences with others. If you would like to email us, our addresses are easy to remember:

Photos of our activities are easy to find--just look here.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you found it interesting.

Page Last Updated: Dec. 18, 2005