AnAerial Runaway: the Balloon Adventures of Rod and Tod in North and South America Lothrop 1901
 Single title by William P. Chipman and Charles P. Chipman.
Bob Steele (Motor Power) series (vols. 3-4, 9-10) Street & Smith 1909
Airship Boys series (8 vols.) (Sayler) Reilly & Britton 1909-15
Motor Boys series (vols. 9-12) C&L 1910-12
Aeroplane Boys series (8 vols.) (Lamar) Reilly & Britton 1910-13
Boy Aviators series (8 vols.) Hurst 1910-15
Tom Swift series (vols. 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26, 29, 30, 33, 34, 37, 40) G&D 1910-41
Airship Andy C&L 1911
 volume 14 in the Webster series as by Frank V. Webster
Ben Hardy’s Flying Machine C&L 1911
 volume 18 in the Webster series as by Frank V. Webster
Boy Scouts in the Army Airship Hurst 1911
 volume 3 in the Boy Scout (Payson) series by John H. Goldfrap under the Howard Payson pseudonym
Boy Scouts’ Aircraft A.L. Chatterton 1911
 volume 5 in the Boy Scout (Victor) series published under the Ralph Victor name
Flying Boys series (Ellis) Winston 1911
Flying Girl series Reilly & Britton 1911-12
 by L.Frank Baum as Edith Van Dyne
Girl Aviators series (Burnham) Hurst 1911-12
Silver Fox Farm series (vols. 2-4) Crowell 1911-13
Aircraft Boys of Lakeport LL&S 1912
 volume 6 in the Lakeport series by Edward Stratemeyer
Boy Scout Aviators Saalfield 1912
 volume 8 of the Boy Scout (Maitland/Durston) series
Boy Scouts in an Airship M.A. Donohue 1912
 volume 6 of the Boy Scout (Ralphson) series by George Harvey Ralphson; reprinted as Perils of an Airship
Dreadnaught Boys on Aero Service Hurst 1912
 volume 4 of the Dreadnaught Boys series by John H. Goldfrap as Capt. Wilbur Lawton
Rover Boys in the Air G&D 1912
 volume in the Rover Boys series as by Arthur M. Winfield
Bird Boys series (5 vols.) M.A. Donohue 1912-14
Boy Scouts of the Air series (14 vols.) Reilly & Britton 1912-23
Boy Inventors series (vols. 4-5) M.A. Donohue 1913-14
Dave Dashaway series (5 vols.) C&L 1913-15
Flying Machine Boys series (6 vols.) A.L. Burt 1913-15
The Air Scout Barse & Hopkins 1914
 volume 2 of the Big War series by Ross Kay
Our Young Aeroplane Scouts series (12 vols.) A.L. Burt 1915-19
Jack Race, Air Scout Hearst’s International Library Co. 1915
 volume 4 in the Jack Race series as by Harry Hale
Joe Strong and His Wings of Steel H.I.L. Co. 1916
 volume 5 in the Joe Strong series as by Vance Barnum
Battleship Boys on Sky Patrol Altemus 1918
 volume 8 of the Battleship Boys series by Frank Gee Patchin
Bob Cook and the German Air Fleet Barse & Hopkins 1918
 volume 2 of the Bob Cook series by Paul G. Tomlinson
Air Service Boys series (6 vols.) Sully 1918-20
Arnold Adair series (3 vols.) Little, Brown 1918-30
Bob Thorp series (2 vols.) Harcourt, Brace 1919-20
Aeroplane Boys series (3 vols.) (Cobb) Saalfield 1921
Boy Scout Aviators Saalfield ©1921
 Reprint of volume 13 of the Boy Scouts (Maitland/Durston) series (Boy Scouts with King George) written by J.W. Duffield under the George Durston pseudonym.
Radio Boys in the Flying Service M.A. Donohue 1922
 volume 3 in the Radio Boys series by J.W. Duffield
Russ Farrell series (5 vols.) Doubleday, Page 1924-29
Aviation series (9 vols.) (Langley) B&H, Barse, G&D 1927-31
Air Pilot series (6 vols.) (Theiss) W.A. Wilde 1927-32
Bill Bruce series (6 vols.) A.L. Burt 1928
Renfrew Rides the Sky Appleton, G&D 1928
 volume 3 in the Renfrew series by Laurie York Erskine
Hunniwell Boys series (vols. 1, 5, 8) A.L. Burt 1928-31
Andy Lane series (12 vols.) G&D 1928-32
Rex Lee series (11 vols.) G&D 1928-32
Billy Smith (Great Ace) series (5 vols.) McBride, C&L 1928-34
Cloud Patrol series (3 vols.) G&D 1929-31
The Boy with the U.S. Aviators LL&S 1929
 volume 20 in the U.S. Service series by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
Airplane Boys series (8 vols.) (Craine) World Syndicate 1930-32
Slim Tyler series (6 vols.) C&L 1930-32
Ruth Darrow series (4 vols.) Barse 1930-31
Sky Detectives series (6 vols.) Goldsmith 1930-31
Air Pilot series (3 vols.) (Wright) Barse 1930
Airplane Girl series (4 vols.) (Bardwell) World Syndicate 1930
Bob Dexter ahd the Aeroplane Mystery C&L 1930
 volume 4 of the Bob Dexter series by Willard F. Baker
Flight of the Silver Ship: Around the World Aboard a Giant Dirigible (McAlister) Saalfield 1930
The Great Airport Mystery G&D 1930
 volume 9 of the Hardy Boys series by Leslie McFarlane as Franklin W. Dixon; revised by Tom Mulvey in 1965
The Parachute Jumper: a Tom Slade Story G&D 1930
 volume 19 in the Tom Slade series by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
Sky Buddies series (4 vols.) World Syndicate ©1930
 reprints of four volumes in the Airplane Boys series by Craine
Skylarking Comrades series (4 vols.) (Marquith) World Syndicate ©1930
 reprints of four volumes in the Airplane Boys series by Craine
A Viking of the Sky: a story of a Boy Who Gained Success in Aeronautics (McAlister) Saalfield 1930
Linda Carlton series (5 vols.) A.L. Burt, Saalfield 1931-33
Bob Dexter and the Seaplane Mystery C&L 1931
 volume 5 of the Bob Dexter series by Willard F. Baker
Honey Bunch: Her First Trip on an Airplane G&D 1931
 volume 12 in the Honey Bunch series as by Helen Louise Thorndyke
Radio Boys with the Air Patrol A.L. Burt 1931
 volume 10 of the Radio Boys series by Gerald Breckenridge
Roy Blakeley Up in the Air G&D 1931
 volume 18 in the Roy Blakeley series by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
Randy Starr series (3 vols.) Altemus 1931-32
Slim Evans series (2 vols.) (Burtis) H. Holt 1931-32
Sky Scout series (4 vols.) A.L. Burt 1932
Air Mystery series (4 vols.) Saalfield ©1932
 reprint of the Sky Scout series
Girl Flyers series (2 vols.) Goldsmith 1932
Young Eagles series (3 vols.) Goldsmith 1932
Air Monster Goldsmith 1932
 volume 1 of the Every Boy’s Mystery series by Edwin Green
Aircraft Boys and the Phantom Airplane Altemus 1932
 single title by series author Latharo Hoover
Mercer Boys with the Air Cadets A.L. Burt 1932
 volume 9 of the Mercer Boys series by Capwell Wyckoff
Outdoor Girls in the Air G&D 1932
 volume 22 in the Outdoor Girls series as by Laura Lee Hope
Polly Learns to Fly G&D 1932
 volume 15 of the Polly Brewster series by Lillian E. Roy
Secret Flight Goldsmith 1932
 volume 2 of the Every Boy’s Mystery series by Edwin Green
Air Combat Books for Boys series (16 vols.) G&D 1932-46
Bill Bolton series (4 vols.) Goldsmith 1933
Bobbsey Twins on an Airplane Trip G&D 1933
Campfire Girls Flying Around the Globe World Syndicate 1933
Dorothy Dixon series (4 vols.) Goldsmith 1933
Mail Pilot series (6 vols.) W.A. Wilde 1934-39
Jerry Todd and the Flying Flapdoodle G&D 1934
 volume 12 of the Jerry Todd series as by Leo Edwards
Sky Racers Penn; Books, Inc. 1935
 single title by series book author Mildred A. Wirt
Adventure Girls in the Air A.L. Burt 1936
 volume 2 of the Adventure Girls series by Clair Blank
Bob Wakefield series (3 vols.) Dodd, Mead 1936-40
Banner Boy Scouts in the Air  World Syndicate 1937
 volume 6 of the Banner Boy Scouts series by George A. Warren
Nancy Naylor series (vols. 1-4) Crowell 1939-45
 remaining volumes in series were nursing stories
Dave Dawson series (15 vols.) Crown, Saalfield 1941-46
Yankee Flyer series (9 vols.) G&D 1941-46
 published as part of the Air Combat Books for Boys series
Steve Knight series (3 vols.) G&D 1941-42
Renfrew Flies Again Appleton, G&D 1941
 volume 8 of the Renfrew series by Laurie York Erskine
Lucky Terrel series (8 vols.) G&D 1942-46
Barry Blake of the Flying Fortress Whitman 1943
 volume 2 of the Fighters for Freedom series by Gaylord DuBois
Red Randall series (8 vols.) G&D 1944-46
Jet Plane Mystery Wilcox & Follett 1944
 single title by series author Roy J. Snell
Cherry Ames, Flight Nurse G&D 1945
 volume 5 of the Cherry Ames series by Helen Wells
Freddy the Pilot Knopf 1952
 volume 19 in the Freddy the Pig series by Walter R. Brooks
Tom Swift Jr. series G&D 1954+
Honey Bunch and Norman Ride with the Sky Mailman G&D 1954
 volume 1 in the Honey Bunch and Norman series
Kent Barstow series (7 vols.) Duell, Sloan & Pearce 1958-64
Mike Mars series (8 vols.) Doubleday 1961-64

Flight Stewardess series:
Carol Rogers series (5 vols.) Greystone; Dodd, Mead 1941-46
Hostess of the Skyways Dodd, Mead 194_
 volume in the Dodd, Mead Career series by Dixie Willson
Vicki Barr series (16 vols.) G&D 1947-62
Beth Dean series (3 vols.) Little, Brown 1953-58