Complete Program, Wed. through Sat., April 7 - 10, 2004

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General Business Meeting:  Saturday, April 10, 7:00 p.m., Salon A. 

Awards given out at this meeting.

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SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 8:00 - 9:30 a.m.

Salon A

596       Horror V:  Horror

Chair:  Philip L. Simpson, Brevard Community College

In the Darkness of Profiling, Is the Shadow PTSD?

Nancy Parker, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch:  Reforming the Family Unit in The Lost Boys

Jeremy Tirrell, University of Texas at San Antonio

The Consolation of Horror in Cinematic Representations of the Holocaust

Philip L. Simpson

Salon B

597       The Small Town in Literature, Film, Television, and Song I

Chair:  Sara Jane Richter, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Hollywood's Small Towns:  Fantasies versus Realities

Karen Valihora, York University, Toronto

Looking Backward to Look Forward to Today:  Post-War Hollywood's Turn-of-the-Century Small Town

Linda Robinson, Northwestern University

From Small Town to Suburbia:  The Changing Image of Family and Community in American Film

Philip C. Dolce, Bergen Community College, New Jersey

Southern Discomfort:  Women with Attitudes in Film and Literature

Kelly J. Hart, Spearman High School, Texas

Salon C

598       Native American Studies IX: Framing The Struggles: Indigenous Activism, Relocation, and the Politics of Academia

Chair:  Kimberly Roppolo, McLennan Community College


Crucifying the White Man: Douglass Durham's Reinvention of the American Indian Movement

Sandra K. Baringer, University of California at Riverside


Trials and Tribulations of the Western Shoshone

Tom Wasson, Winnemucca Indian Colony


Working in John Wayne Country: Racist and Sexist Termination at the University of Washington

Robert Free Galvan, Independent Scholar

Relocation and Dislocation in David Treuer's The Hiawatha

John D. Kalb, Salisbury University

Salon D

599       Film and Film Adaptation XV: Adaptation Theory at Work

Chair: Dennis Cutchins, Brigham Young University

Digging for Gatsby: Using Film to Unearth the Roots of The Great Gatsby

Bryce Cundick, Brigham Young University

Adaptation Theory and the Works of Henry James

Rachael Decker Bailey, Brigham Young University

Migrating Film Titles: Examining Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Rachel Ligairi, Brigham Young University

Of Monkeys and Men: Minority Report's Precog "Other" on Page and Screen

Joel Karpowitz, Brigham Young University

Biography and Film: The Adaptation of A Beautiful Mind

Sandra Clark Jergensen, Brigham Young University

Huck Finn and R. P. McMurphy: Relationships Between Twain and Kesey

Josh Christienson, Brigham Young University

Salon F

600       Science Fiction/Fantasy XXII:  Heinlein III: This He Believed: Teaching Under the Radar II

Chair:  Lisa Edmonds, Wichita State University 

Heinlein's 'F' Words: Farnham's Freehold, Friday, and Bigotry

Brad Linaweaver, Author; Co-editor, New Libertarian's Special Heinlein Tribute Issue

Heinlein's Eternal Feminine: Redefining the Myth and Mythos of Woman

Lisa Edmonds

The Heinlein Juveniles: A Feminist Perspective

Kyle Bozeman, Troy State University

Salon G

601       Masculinities IX: Masculinity, Crime, Politics, and the Law

Chair:  Cherise Pollard, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

An Ethnography of Masculinities in Cityton Prison, South Wales

John Beynon, University of Glamorgan, Wales

Praxis of Deception: The Police Cult of Masculinity and the Blue Wall of Silence

Thomas W. Nolan, Springfield College, Manchester, New Hampshire

Masculinities, Violence, Crime, and the Socialization of Boys:  One Parent's Response

Merry G. Perry, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Empire Redux: Bush Visits the Philippines

David Brody, West Chester University of Pennsylvania


Salon H

602       Dance and Culture VII: Bodies in Motion/Bodies in Theory

Chair:  Sherril Dodds, University of Surrey

Feet Don't Fail Me Now:  African American Drill and Step Team Performance

Brenda Lacey, State University of New York at Buffalo

The Body, Knowledge, and a Culture of Change:  Somatic Ecology

Robert Bettmann, American University & Blackbird Dance Ensemble

The "Trouble" With Modern Liturgical Dance; or, A Scholar Looks in the Mirror and Sees an Elitist Looking Back

Kent De Spain, University of Texas Austin

Salon I

603       National PCA/ACA Area Chairs Meeting

Chair:  Michael K. Schoenecke, Director, PCA/ACA

Salon J

604       Advertising IV:  Irony, Shifting Perceptions, and Cultural Acceptance

Chair:  Robert Baumgardner, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Profitable Showmanship? Entertainment, Advertising and American Business, 1890-1940

Chris Rasmussen, Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Original VW Beetle as Modern Hero

Bruce G. Vanden Bergh, Michigan State University

Legal Advertising: The Shifting Culture of Law Firms

Elizabeth Spradley, Stephen F. Austin State University

English in Spanish and Spanish in English: Cultures in Contact in Advertising

Robert J. Baumgardner, and

María Eugenia Montemayor, Universidad de Monterrey

Salon K

605       Mystery and Detective Fiction XII: Conventions, Boundaries,

and the Nature of the Genre

Chair:  Marilyn Rye, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Bad Sex in Women's Hardboiled Detective Novels

William Klink, College of Southern Maryland

"So Ugly, So Beautiful": Pornography and the Limits of Detective Fiction

in Ellroy's L.A. Quartet

Jim Mancall, Harvard College

Laura, Vera, and Wilkie: Deep Sensation Roots of a Noir Novel

Barbara Emrys, University of Nebraska-Kearney

Machismo and Murder: Playing with the Genre in Mystic River and Chronicle

of a Death Foretold

Marilyn Rye

Salon L

606       Gender and Material Culture II:  Objects, Spaces, and Community

Chair:  Ella Howard, Boston University

Old Man of the Mountain: Masculinity, Material Culture, and Regional Identity

Robin K. O'sullivan, University of Southern Maine

"Living as Americans Live": Company Towns and Family Values

Rachel Batch, Widener University

Masculinity, Poverty, and the Built Environment On the Bowery

Ella Howard

Salon M

607       Collecting, Collectibles, Collectors, Collections X:  Chucherias and Mugreritos: Chicanas Talk Frankly about Collecting

Chair: Nonrna E. Cantu, University of Texas, San Antonio

I Beat the Owl Lady: A "Collection" of Personal Anecdotes on Collecting

Tey Marianna Nunn, Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, NM

The Lure of the Unknown: The Call of the Garage Sale

Tey Diana Rebolledo, University of New Mexico

A Life of Collecting: A Meditation on Collectors, Collecting, and Preserving

Norma E. Cantu, University of Texas, San Antonio

Conference Rm. 1

608       Slapstick Comedy/Early Television I:  Wheeler, Woolsey, and The Three Stooges

Chair:  Peter Seely

Hassan Bin Sobah:  Native American, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and Eastern European Stereotyping in The Three Stooges Films

Peter Seely, Benedictine University

Diplomaniacs:  Wheeler and Woolsey's Secret Mission Revealed

Joe D. Seely, Holland and Knight, LLC, Chicago, Illinois

Hang Hitler!:  The Three Stooges and their Potshots at Nazis

Lynn Rapaport, Pomona College

Roundtable Discussion on The Three Stooges and Columbia Pictures

Conference Rm. 2

609       Composition/Rhetoric I: Historical Rhetorics

Chair:  Davina Cummings, Florida Atlantic University

Negotiating Difference: A Postcolonial Critique of the Cultural Studies Composition Text

Joseph B. Wagner, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Revealing the Middle Passage: Exploring Narrative Style in Contemporary Amistad Media

John Kille, St. Louis University

Analysis of Stanton's Address at the Seneca Falls Convention

Davina Cummings

Conference Rm. 3

610       Television in Popular Culture IV: Performing Gender

Chair:  Peggy Davis, Miami University

From Discipline and Punish to Discipline and Decorate: Queer Masculinities, Containment, and Modes of Representation in Reality Television

Melanie Maltry, Ohio State University

Monster Masculinity: Honey, I'll Be in the Garage Reasserting My Manhood

Peter Tragos, New Trier High School

Is a Kiss Just a Kiss?:  Pop Culture Pushes the Sexual-Preference Envelope

Norma C. Bucholtz, California State University-San Bernardino

What's Football Got To Do With It?  How Aliasí Super Bowl Episode Forever Altered Sydney's Tough Woman Performance

Peggy Davis

Conference Rm. 4

611       Sports XIV: Culture

Chair: Steve Oakey, Virginia Tech

By the way, do you play basketball?: Sports in Schoolgirls Stories in the Early Twentieth Century

Nancy Rosoff, Rutgers University

The Park in the Mall, the Fake Streetscape, and the "Jesus Saves" Skateramp (A.K.A. How to Turn a Skateboarder into a Religious, Law-Abiding Consumer):  Motivations Behind the Creation of American Skateparks

Kelli Shapiro, Brown University

Virtual Sport: The Development of a Postmodern Sport Model

Steve Estes, East Carolina University

The Cultural Expressions of Soccer: The Tango Strength, Efficiency, and La Belle France

Steve Oakey

Conference Rm. 5

612       Culture of Fandom II: Expressions of Fandom from Sports Culture

Chair:  Greg Thompson, Florida State University

Fan Identity and the Politics of Place: An Oral History of Postwar Football Broadcasting

Jeff Montez de Oca, University of Southern California

Henry W. Grady: Baseball's New South Prophet

Wes Singletary, Brookwood School/Tallahassee Community College

Balancing, Straightening and Refocusing the Picture of Jim Thorpe I

Douglas Noverr, Michigan State University

Balancing, Straightening and Refocusing the Picture of Jim Thorpe II

Robert Reising, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Conference Rm. 6

613       Chicana/o Culture: Literature, Film, Theory IV

Chair:  Casie C. Beasley, McNeese State University

A Chicana Discourse of Folklore in a Historiography:  An Analysis of Caballero

Rose M. Rodriguez-Rabin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

La Llorona and La Malinche in the Literature of Anaya and Cisneros

Natalie Ryan, Angelo State University

The Reinvention of La Llorona in Cisnerosí "Woman Hollering Creek"

Casie C. Beasley

Conference Rm. 7

614       Vietnam X: The Vietnamese Diaspora

Chair:  Maureen Ryan, University of Southern Mississippi

Lan Cao's "Monkey Bridge":  Span, Barrier, Trap

Mary Sue Ply, Southeastern Louisiana University

The Use of American Popular Culture in Vietnamese-American Short Stories

Quan Manh Ha, Troy State University

People Singing a Sad Song: Vietnamese Exiles in American Literature

Maureen Ryan

Conference Rm. 8

615       American Prison Writing III: Barred Value I

Chair: Stephen Steck, University of Montreal

Speaking Truth to Power: Prison Oral Tradition and Witness

Virginia Bemis, Ashland University

The Absent Focus: Male-Male Rape in African American Prison Autobiography

Auli Anneli Ek, University of California, Santa Barbara

Contemporary Prison Narratives: Form, Process and Materiality

Rebecca L. Bordt, DePauw University

Conference Rm. 9

616       Biography VI:  Biographical Image of "Big Daddy" in Literature, Film, Politics

Chair:  Camille McCutcheon, USC Spartanburg Library, University of South Carolina

Barn Burners: The Cold War Consensus and the Challenge to Big Daddy in Post World War II Films about the New South

William Jones, Virginia Wesleyan College

The Big Daddy Complex and U.S. Presidents from the South

Jean-Paul Benowitz, Penn State Harrisburg

Big Daddy's Brood: Simpering Sons and Delta Dawn Daughters

Camille McCutcheon

Conference Rm. 10

617       American Art and Architecture XIII: Japanese,

Japanese-American and African-American Art

Chair: Jessica Dallow, University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Japanese Influence in American Postwar Design: Loving the Alien

in the Age of Anxiety

Rachel Leibowitz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Asian Invasion: The Asian and Asian American Artist in America

Sarita K. Heer, Tulane University

"Can We Really Live Here?"Lezley Saar's Mulatto Nation

Jessica Dallow

Conference Rm. 11

618       Culture and Religion I

Chair:  Ingrid Shafer, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

The Spiritualist Religion as Popular Science

Charles F. Emmons, Gettysburg College

Crossing Over: The Rhetoric of Validation in the Mediumship of John Edward

Jennifer Porter, Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland

Yoga and Martin Heidegger:  Wexler's "mystical society," Martin Heidegger,

and the Discipline/Practice of Yoga

Neil J. Liss, University of Houston

Religion and Religious Symbolism in the Work of Ray Bradbury

John H. Esperian, Community College of Southern Nevada.

Conference Rm. 12

619       American Metafiction: Post 1945

Chair:  Kelly Wisecup, Texas Tech University

False Documents: The Search for Truth in E.L. Doctorow's The Book of Daniel

Kyle Hetrick, University of Rhode Island

From Funhouse to Discotheque: John Barth, David Foster Wallace, and the Course of Postmodern Fiction

Sam Leonard, University of Tulsa

Embracing the Postmodern: Cybernetic Theory and Resistance in Pynchon and Priestley

Jacky W. Dumas, Texas Tech University

Conference Rm. 13

620       Comic Arts andComics XI: Crime Doesn't Pay - Detectives and Justice

Chair: Kerry Soper, Brigham Young University

Dick Tracy, Meet Mr. Darwin and Mr. Freud: The Intersection of Eugenics and Popularized Freudian Psychology in Chester Gould's Gallery of Criminal Grotesques

Kerry Soper

Barry Jordan, 'Ace Tenor Sax Maní:  Comic Strips, Black Newspapers, and the Detective Story Formula, 1954-1955

Angela M. Nelson, Bowling Green State University

The Police Detective Genre in Comics During the 1990s

Gerardo Antonio Vega, Texas Tech University

Conference Rm. 14

621       Children's/Young Adult Literature VII:  Bridging the Gap: A Round Table Discussion on Favorite Books and Becoming Life-Long Readers

Chair/Moderator:  Diana Dominguez, The University of Texas-Brownsville

Everyone is invited to this round table session in which we will discuss, first, books that have remained favorites through different stages in our lives, and, second, books that help younger readers (both children and adolescents) become life-long readers once they move into adulthood.  All and any participants are welcome to join in - you need not be a Children's/Young Adult scholar or expert, you need not be a parent or educator; the only requirement is that you have loved and still love books and want to talk about them with others who have loved and still love books.

Conference Rm. 15

622       Deviance and Popular Culture I

Chair:  D. Angus Vail and Phillip Vannini, University of Victoria

Women's Voices in a "Man's Game"

Ken Muir and Trina Seitz, Appalachian State University

Gender, Sexuality, and Romance in a Massive Multi-Player Online Game

Emily E. LaBeff, Midwestern State University

Virtual Communities in the Buffyverse

Mary Kirby Diaz, Farmingdale State University of New York

From Courtship to Sexual Relationships: The Evolution of Popular Song Lyrics

Dan Pence, California State University, Chico, and Celine Pettyjohn, California State University, Chico

Conference Rm. 16

623       Journalism & Media Culture III:  Journalists and War Coverage

Chair: Rebecca C. Hains, Temple University

The American News Media and the Archetypal Figures of September 11

Rebecca C. Hains

A Comparison of the Spanish Press and American Press Coverage of the Recent War in Iraq

Jenny Achilles, Lamar University

"Memory and Imagination are the Great Deterrents": Martha Gellhorn at War as Correspondent and Literary Author

Giovanna DellíOrto, University of Minnesota

Conference Rm. 17

624       Jack London's Life and Works I

Chair: George R. Adams, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

To and From the Valley of the Moon:  The Common Ground Between Jack London and George Orwell

Sean Hoare, Marymount University

"Every dollar you feed it will return you two": Farming and the Ideology of Natural Capitalism in London's The Valley of the Moon

Doug Anderson, Southwest Minnesota State University

Jack London's Mate-Women

Terry J. Moore, Arizona State University

The Call of the Wild as a Slave Narrative

Jeanne Reesman, University of Texas-San Antonio

Conference Rm. 18

625       Music PCA V:  Timeless and Classic

Chair:  Barbara Rose Lange, University of Houston

Interior Dialogue, The Soundtrack: Defining youth, love and happiness with the music and lyrics of Brian Wilson and Tony Asher's "Wouldn't It Be Nice"

Jessica Sawrey, University of Georgia

Say Goodbye to Carolina:  Portrayals of Black Culture in the Music of Lyle Lovett

Ellen Kleiman, U.S. Defense Finance and Accounting Service

You've Got to Stand for Somethin':  John Cougar Mellencamp and the Construction of a Rural Midwestern Identity.

Mike Loy and Arnold S. Wolfe, Illinois State University

Nameless Sound:  Improvised Music in the Bayou City

Barbara Rose Lange


Conference Rm. 19

626       Civil War V:  Re-Visioning History and the Soldier's Life

Chair:  Lawrence F. Kohl, University of Alabama

The Red Badge in the Era of Shock and Awe

Michael Schaefer, University of Central Arkansas

I Keep You Close: Photographic Portraits of the Civil War

Pamela Venz, Birmingham-Southern College

The Birth of a Family: Civil War Soldiers and the Growth of the Domestic Family

Aaron Sheehan-Dean, University of North Florida

How Irish Was the Irish Brigade?

Lawrence F. Kohl, University of Alabama


SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Salon A

627       Horror VI:  Horror

Chair:  Diana Royer, Miami University

The Music of Gothic Film:  A Bridge Between Two Cultures

Greg Pepetone, Georgia College and State University

Teaching the Supernatural

Dean Bowers, Texas Tech University

Angels and Aliens:  The Supernatural Other in Popular Consciousness

Diana and Carl Royer

Salon B

628       Creative Fiction V: Fiction

Chair:  Constance Squires, Oklahoma State University

Writ in Water

Constance Squires

Fidelio Street

Carrie Hoffman, University of Southern Mississippi

X and Y:  A 21st-Century African-American Love Story

Tracy Fellers, North Carolina A&T State University

Salon C

629       Native American Studies X: Images and Realities: (Mis)Representations of Indigeneity in Popular Culture

Chair:  Sara Elizabeth Brandon, University of Campinas


Symbolic Racism, History, and Reality: The Real Problem with Indian Mascots

Kimberly Roppolo, McLennan Community College, and

Lee Francis, Jr., University of New Mexico


Representing Indians: Native American Actors on Hollywood's Frontier

Nicolas G. Rosenthal, University of California at Los Angeles


And the Injun goes how?/!: Representations of American Indian English in White Public Space

Barbara Meek, University of Michigan

Salon D

630       Film and Film Adaptation XVI: Cultural Tales: The Coens and Propp

Chair: Caryn Voskuil, Art Institute of Dallas

O Brother, What Art Thou?

Lesleigh Cushing, Colgate University

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Marries Popular Mythology to Popular Music

Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Southwest Texas State University


Deliverance: Adherence to Proppian Morphology in Novel and Film

Cherry Levine, Texas A&M University

The Disastrous Construction of 'The Feminine' in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Caryn Voskuil

Salon F

631       Science Fiction/Fantasy XXIII:  Heinlein IV:  The Future of Heinlein Scholarship (Roundtable)

Moderator:  Solomon Davidoff, New England Institute of Art and Communications

Salon G

632       Masculinities X: Hunks, Heroes, and the Subversion of Traditional Masculinity

Chair:  Merry G. Perry, West Chester University, PA

Character Portrayals as Visual Rhetoric: The Masculinity of Johnny Depp

Juliette Ludeker, West Chester University

The Rhetoric of Mysterious Masculinity and Heroism: Keanu Reevesí Identity and The Matrix

Merry G. Perry

Contemporary Riffs on the Blaxploitation Hero: Funky Brothers Fight "The Man"

Cherise Pollard, West Chester University

Salon H

633       Dance and Culture VIII: Popular Appropriations II

Chair:  Daniel P. Singh, University of Maryland

Querying the 'Popularí in Dance

Sherril Dodds, University of Surrey

Social Dancing or Theatrical Representation of Social Dance?: Why the Ballroom Dance Industry Hopes You Don't Know the Difference

Juliet McMains, Florida State University

Moving Past Words: Choreographed Parody and Situational Humor in Popular Film

Ted Bain, University of Maryland College Park

Salon I

634       The Small Town in Literature, Film, Television, & Song II

Chair:  Sara Jane Richter, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Little House(s) on the (Canadian) Prairie:  Literary Representations

of Small-Town Life in Western Canada, circa 1900-1960

Tamara Palmer Seiler, University of Calgary

Red Bank to Paradise:  The All-Black Small Town

in Twentieth-Century African-American Fiction and Film

Jon-Christian Suggs, City University of New York

"Let the Broken Hearts Stand as the Price Youíve Gotta Pay":  Bruce Springsteen's Vision of the Dilemma of Responsibility in Small Town Life

Gary Leising, Northern Kentucky University

Science Fiction and Horror: Secrets of a Small Town

Kathleen D. Turner, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Salon J

635       Advertising V:  Trademarks, Targets, Anti-Advertising, and (Mis)Representation

Chair:  John A. McDermott, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The Hard-Boiled Consumer:  Dashiell Hammett and the Evolution of the Trade-Mark in Popular Fiction

John A. McDermott

Participate by Not Participating: A Contextual Analysis of Aguilera as the New Spokesperson for Buy Nothing Day 

Amanda Hanley, State University of New York at Potsdam

Will the 'Reel' Las Vegas Please Stand Up?: Native Discourses on the Representation and Misrepresentation of Las Vegas on TV and in Advertising

Tracy Tuttle, Barstow College

Salon K

636       Mystery and Detective Fiction XIII: Looking Backwards: Perspectives on the Past

Chair:  Marcia Songer, East Tennessee State University

(Re)Framing Lady Audley: Detecting a Critical Mystery

Susan Hillabold, Purdue University North Central

The Evolution of the 'Britishí Detective

Susan Weaver, Archbishop Blenk High School, Louisiana

History as Mystery or Mystery as History

John G. Cawelti, University of Kentucky, Emeritus

Robin Paige and Detective History

Marcia Songer

Salon L

637       Gender V

Chair:  Gypsey Teague, Langston University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Gender and Age Representation in Prime Time Television

Trudy Mercadal-Sabbagh, Florida Atlantic University

Out of Time:  A Story of Romantic Friends from the 1930s to the Present

Cameron Scott, Austin, Texas

John Wayne is a Girl's Name:  Gender Performativity and John Wayne in the Film True Grit

Elizabeth Simon Ruchti, Ohio University

Gender Role Reversal in Bellydance:  The Sword as Transgressive Feminine Symbol

Ruel A. Macaraeg, University of Texas, Arlington

Salon M

638       Collecting, Collectibles, Collectors, Collections XI and

Libraries, Archives, and Museums III: Discussion on Special Collections in Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Chair:  Janet Brennan Croft, Bizzell Library, University of Oklahoma

Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts

Jody Blake, NcNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas

Mann Collection on Home Economics

Linda Stewart, Cornell University

Special Collections at University of Colorado-Boulder

Michelle Visser, University of Colorado-Boulder

Conference Rm. 1

639       Dime Novels/Pulps/Juvenile Series Books V: Magazines and Paperbacks

Chair:  Alan Pickrell, Emeritus, Emory & Henry College

Wage Earners and Work: Pulp Science Fiction as Vernacular Theory

Eric Drown, George Washington University

From Argosy to Ocean Liner:  Frank Munsey's Argosyand the Development of Specialized Magazines

Sheri Hardee, University of South Carolina

The Crime/Noir Fiction of David Goodis

Kenneth Payne, Kuwait University

Conference Rm. 2

640       Composition and Rhetoric VIII:  Pedagogy

Chair: Michael Carlson Kapper, Purdue University

Discipline and Punish?: (S)Mothering as Composition Instruction

Witt Salley, North Arkansas College

Recoding the 'Realí: Making 'Virtualí Matter

Matthew S. Johnson, Indiana University

What is an Error, Anyway?: Teacher Awareness of Nonstandard English Dialects in College Freshman Writing

Maureen T. Matarese, Columbia University

Conference Rm. 3

641       Television in Popular Culture V: Crime & Law in Pixels

Chair:  Michelle Stewart, University of California, Santa Cruz

Against the Grain on The Practice: Alan Shore, Just or Justice?

Andrew Tash, Cowley College

The Character Development of Heroes and Villains from Darth Vader to Superman: The Creative Use of Flashbacks and Prequels in Modern Media

Kenneth Scott Culpepper, Baylor University

24: Technology, Mode of Production, and Mode of Presentation

Eric Vanstrom, University of California, Los Angeles

Crime Speak: Constructing Criminality in the Age of Law and Order

Michelle Stewart

Conference Rm. 4

642       Sports XV: Gender

Chair:  Marilyn Middendorf, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Gender 'Warsí in the World of Golf I

Tom Vickers, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Gender 'Warsí in the World of Golf II

Donna Barbie, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Gender 'Warsí in the World of Golf III

Marilyn Middendorf

Conference Rm. 5

643       Law and Culture III: Law & Literature III

Chair: Wythe Holt, University of Alabama School of Law

Looking Backward At the Idea of Equality: Edward Bellamy in Retrospect

R. George Wright, Indiana University School of Law

"Father Chief Justice": Notes for a Play

Paul R. Baier, Louisiana State University Law Center

Conference Rm. 6

644       Literature & Politics V:  Class, Psychology & The Modern Novel

Chair:  Robert Scott Stewart, University College of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Empire of Innocence

Aaron S. Rosenfeld, Iona College

Whiteness and Class Consciousness in Ethnic, Working Class Literature of the 1930s: Mike Gold's Jews Without Money and Pietro di Donato's Christ in Concrete

Chris Vials, University of Massachusetts

Immigrant Writing and the Politics of Consumerism

Douglas J. Goldstein, Barnard College

Modern Melancholy in the Novels of Richard Ford and Jonathan Franzen

Robert Scott Stewart

Conference Rm. 7

645       Vietnam XI: History and the Press

Chair: Oscar Patterson III, University of North Florida

"Waiting for tomorrow's yesterday":  Women War Correspondents and Vietnam

Catherine Calloway, Arkansas State University

How Long Does a Quagmire Make?

Oscar Patterson III

Roger (the Unmanned) Ramjet Flies over Vietnam: Drone Warfare and the Unmanning of the Battlefield

Tim Blackmore, Middlesex College, University of Western Ontario

Conference Rm. 8

646       American Prison Writing IV: Barred Value II

Chair:   Stephen Steck, University of Montreal


On Becoming a Poet

Writer Marilyn Buck

Presented by Mariann Garner-Wizard, Youth Emergency Service, Inc./

The Phogg Phoundation for the Pursuit of Happiness, Austin, Texas


Brothers and Keepersand Live from Death Row: Mapping Social Death in African American Personal Narratives in a Prison Nation

Elston L. Carr, University of California, Riverside

Structure, Voice, and Place: Poetry from the Inmates at Halawa Correctional Facility, Oahu, Hawai'i

Gay Sibley, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Conference Rm. 9

647       Collegiate Culture I

Chair:  Ginny Schwartz, St. Lawrence University

Cold War History, Cold War Film:  Using Popular Films to Understand an Era

Ginny Schwartz

College Success: An Introduction to University Courses

Connie Morris and Nancy Fisher, Wichita State University

Education in Two-Year Colleges: Popular Perceptions and Student Realities

Bob Dunkle, Ivy Tech State College

David Auburn's Proof and the Complexities of Higher Education

Damian Hawkins, Broward Community College

Conference Rm. 10

648       American Art and Architecture XIV: Studio Art Session 3

Chair: Kathy Desmond, Endicott College

Depictions of Aging and Gender

Kathy Desmond

Memories from the  Warrior Culture

Marilyn Nelson, University of Arkansas

New Work

Tom Morrissey,

Conference Rm. 11

649       Culture and Religion II:  Postmodern Evil: New Visualizations of an Old Idea

Chair: Gregory Erickson, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

Reading Evil After 9/11 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Gregory Erickson

Evil Reloaded: The Politicizing and Re-Popularizing of Evil as a Concrete Construct in Rhetoric, Culture and Video Games

Richard W. Santana, Rochester Institute of Technology

American Self-identification as Global Crusader

Amit Ray, Rochester Institute of Technology

How the Virgin of Guadalupe Saved an Anglo Protestant

Victoria Gaitskell, Brock University, St. Catharines, Canada

Conference Rm. 12

650       American Metafiction: Post 1945 II: Donald Barthelme and John Barth: Language, Art, and Society

Chair:  Barry Lewis, University of Sunderland

"Holding in mind all works of fiction since the War, in all languages, how would you rate the present work, on a scale of one to ten, so far?": The Dissidence of Donald Barthelme

Barry Lewis

On Donald Barthelme's Snow White: Language and Malaise

Alan Rossi, Texas Tech University

Constructions of Abstraction and Representation in Donald Barthelme's Snow White and Fairfield Porter's "Lawrence at the Piano"

Marcus Weekley, Texas Tech University

Conference Rm. 13

651       Marvel Comics and Popular Culture

Chair:  Robert Weiner, Lubbock Public Library

Spider-Man, the Silver Surfer, and Jesus Christ: The Interaction between Superheroes and a Religious Figure

BJ Oropeza, Azusa Pacific University

The Mixed Up Super Hero: Early Marvel Comics and Romance

Rob Weiner, Lubbock Public Library

Conference Rm. 14

652       Grateful Dead VIII: Philosophical and Cultural Perspectives on the Grateful Dead

Chair:  Rebecca Adams, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Words Half Spoken and Thoughts Unclear: Is There Really a Grateful Dead Philosophy?

Stanley Spector, Modesto Junior College

Nothing To Hold (You Can't Let Go): Embracing The Uncanny In Grateful Dead Songs Of Home

James A. Tuedio, California State University-Stanilaus

Steal Your Face Right Off Your Head: Linking the Grateful Dead with the work of Gilles Deleuze

Joseph Holt, Independent Scholar

The Grateful Dead in Tales and Culture: Common Themes and Structure in Ancient Folktale, Modern American Music, and Community

Amanda Diederich-Hirsh, University of Chicago

Conference Rm. 15

653       Deviance and Popular Culture II:  "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?:  Vampires, Wraiths, and Zombies as Figurations of Containment

Chair:  Alyson Buckman, California State University, Sacramento

Gothic Sunnydale: Desire and Race in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Alyson Buckman

Gothicism:  A Remedy for Starvation

Anne Erickson, Atlantic Cape Community College

The New Dorian Grey: American Zombie Films and the Disintegration of Morality

W. E. Waisala, Atlantic Cape Community College

Conference Rm. 16

654       Journalism & Media Culture IV:  Newspaper Visuals That 'Met The Enemyí

Chair: Samuel P. Winch, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

"Suffern on the Steppes": Anti-Communist Satire in the Comic Strip Pogo During the Early Cold War

Eric Jarvis, King's College, University of Western Ontario

The Poisonous Pens: Editorial Cartoons and the Post-World War II Anti-Communist Hysteria

Alison Meek, King's College, University of Western Ontario

Visual Construction of the "Evil Genius"

Samuel P. Winch

Conference Rm. 17

655       Jack London's Life and Works II

Chair: Sean Hoare, Marymount University

London in the Writing Factory

Jeanine Jewell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Governance, Tyranny, and Revolution in the Sea Tales of Herman Melville and Jack London

Peter R. Saiz, Prairie View A&M University

"A Thousand Deaths" Times Three

George R. Adams, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

The True Jack London: An American Life

Earle Labor, Centenary College

Conference Rm. 18

656       American Music and Culture VII

Chair: Judy Brady, Metro State College of Denver

"Hey Hey, My My": Your Hundred Favorite Rock Songs Since the Death of Rock 'n' Roll

Fred Ashe, University of Alabama, and

Nell Sullivan, University of Houston-Downtown

Are You Woman Enough to Be My Man?:  Pearl Jam and Third-Wave Feminism

Judy Brady

Conference Rm. 19

657       Romance Fiction: Beneath the Words: Engaging Aspects of Romance Novels

Chair:  Paul V. Fleming, Oklahoma State University

Understanding the Pleasure: An Undergraduate Romance-Reading Community

Sally Goade, Russell Sage College

Pleasure and the Reading of Popular Romance

Eva Y.I. Chen, National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Hope, Faith, and Love: An Analysis of the Christian Romance Hero

Rebecca B. Fox, University of Kansas

Fantasy, Fiction, and Feminism:  (Re) Reading Romance

Marie Green, University of Saskatchewan

SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 12:30 - 2:00 p.m.

Salon A

658       Horror VII:  Horror Fiction

Chair:  Linda J. Holland-Toll, Newberry College

Queer Magic:  Homosexuality and Spiritual Praxis in Clive Barker's Sacrament

Tony Vinci, Monroe Community College

Bodies of Information:  Horror, Data, and Desire in Exquisite Corpse,

Frisk, and Quilted Heart

Deborah Wills, Mount Allison University

The Hound and the Rats

Steve Walker, Central Missouri State University

What's a Monster, Anyway?  The Changing Faces of Monstrosity

in Horror Fiction

Linda J. Holland-Toll

Salon B

659       Creative Fiction VI: Fiction

Chair:  Constance Squires, Oklahoma State University

Need Not Apply

Steven Williams, Texas Tech University

Life Without Elvis

John Brantingham, Mt. San Antonio College

Bright Lights Pawn Shops

Christopher Bloss, University of South Dakota

Findo's Campaign

Henry N. Rogers, University of Central Arkansas


Salon C

660       Native American Studies XI: Indian Bodies, White Eyes: The Body as a Site of Struggle in Visual Culture

Chair:  Sara C. Sutler-Cohen, University of California at Santa Cruz

Paper Feathers: A Comparative Study of the "Indian" Image in Brazil and the United States

Sara Elizabeth Brandon, University of Campinas, Brazil

Dancing With The Devil: The Potentials and Perils for Indigenous Cultural and Political Representation on the Internet

Jeff Taylor, University of Lapland

Native Americans in the Gaming Age

Beth Dillon, Portland State University

The Suspended Indian

John D. Miles, North Carolina State University

Salon D

661       Film and Film Adaptation XVII: "What a Wonderful World": Bowling for Columbine as Cultural Document

Chair and Respondent:  Roxana Galusca, Emporia State University

Disabled Bodies and a Fragmented Real: Bowling for Columbine Through the Lenses of Davis and Baudrillard

Katie Egging, Emporia State University

Bowling for Columbine:  A "repossessed commodity"

Roxana Galusca

Bowling for Dollars

Rebecca James, Emporia State University

Bowling for Columbine: Divulging the Ideology of Simulacra

Oana Pusca, Emporia State University


Salon F

662       Science Fiction/Fantasy XXIV:  Special Event:  Suzy Charnas

Introduction:  Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Born in Manhattan, New York, Suzy McKee Charnas was educated at Barnard College and New York University. The writer of original and highly regarded novels, she was awarded the Nebula Award, Mythopoetic Society Award for a best children's book, and a Gilgamesh Award for best fantasy stories. Her "Boobs," a short story, won the Hugo Award in 1989. A noted History and English teacher in a girl's high school in Nigeria, Suzy Charnas also served in the United States Peace Corps. Her books include: The Slave and the Free (Orb 1999), The Conqueror's Child (Tor 1999), The Furies (Tor Books 1994), Dorothea Dreams (Arbor House 1986), and The Bronze King (Houghton 1985). (

Salon G

663       Masculinities XI: Masculinity in Literature

Chair: Cheryl Wanko, West Chester University

Male Friendship: Presence and Affirmation in the Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Novels of Joe R. Lansdale

John A. Dixon, University of Lincoln, England

The Man With No Family Name: Deadwood Dick, Dime Novels, and Narrative Masculinity

Daniel Worden, Brandeis University

Lonesome Doves, Dancing Bears: Masculinities in Lonesome Dove and Blood Meridian

David Willbern, SUNY Buffalo

Rakes and Fops:  Two Restoration Masculine Types

Cheryl Wanko

Salon H

664       Dance and Culture IX: Blue-Ribbon Roundtable on Publishing

Moderator:  Libby Smigel, University of Maryland College Park

Invited Speaker:  Joan Erdman, Columbia College


Ted Bain, editor, Mid-Atlantic Almanack

Camille Hardy, Dance Magazine

Representatives of the Publishers exhibiting at the conference.

2:30:  Dance Area Lunch:  Following the final Dance and Culture panel, presenters and all dance enthusiasts and supporters are invited to have lunch together.  Plans for next year's meeting in San Diego will be discussed as

well as lighter matters.    Meet here in Salon H at 2:00 p.m.

Salon I

665       Drama and Theatre IV:  Theatre and Audience

Chair:  Kayla McKinney Wiggins, Martin Methodist College

Youth Theatre: The Final Frontier of Political Activism

Daniel-Raymond Nadon, Kent State University

Reviving an Old Tradition: All-Female Shakespeare at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College

Sharon Ammen, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College

Erin Goldstein, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College

Nicole DeNicolo, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College

Bridging the Gap, We Hope: Gender and Age in Academic Theatre

Kayla McKinney Wiggins

Salon J

666       Route 66 and Other American Highways I: On the Go and Staying Put:  The Impact on Place on Personal and Community Memory

Chair:   Jay M. Price, Wichita State University

The Effect of Roads on Eisenhower's Career

Benjamin Hruska, Wichita State University

A Field Guide to Gas Stations in Texas

W. Dwayne Jones, Preservation Dallas

Chicano Park and the Importance of Preserving Public Expression

Nedda Haeri, Wichita State University

"Swamp Gravy:" History, Community, and Social Capital

Stephen Simpson, Florida State University

Lewis and Clark: The First Roadtrip

Tom Nelson, Elon University

Salon K

667       Mystery/Detective Fiction IV:  Places and Spaces: Effect of Locale on the Mystery/Detective Genre

Chair:  Viki Craig, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

MacCarter Brown: The Americanisation of an Australian Detective

Toni Johnson Woods, University of Queensland, Australia

From Adventure Novel to Literature of the Homeland: The Development of Early Detective Novels in German-Speaking Switzerland

Julia Karolle, John Carroll University

Keeping Harlem Clean: Domestic Detectives in Chester Himes' Harlem Cycle

Eve Dunbar, University of Texas-Austin

Salon L

668       Gender VI

Chair:  Gypsey Teague, Langston University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Boys Becoming Men:  Balancing Sensitivity with Shallowness in Nick Hornby's About A Boy

Lauryn Angel-Cann, University of North Texas

Anger and Acceptance:  Masculinity and Emotion in Nick Hornby's How to Be Good

Charla King, University of North Texas

Masculine Stereotypes in Nick Hornby's High Fidelity

Krystal Hart, University of North Texas

Maiden, Mother, Crone:  The Three Aspects of the Goddess in the Drag Films Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, The Bird Cage, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Marla Roberson, University of Central Oklahoma, and

Gypsey Teague

Salon M

669       Professional Placement ACA V:  Graduate Students:  The Job Hunt (Part 2)

Chair:  David Feldman, New York, New York

Speaker:  Glenn Browne, Texas Tech University

Tips and strategies for graduate students for the ever-angst-ridden process of getting a job in academia.  Glenn Browne, of Texas Tech University's Institute for Internet Buying Behavior, will provide tips on job search strategies, and what to do when you actually manage to snag an interview.

Conference Rm. 1

670       Dime Novels/Pulps/Juvenile Series Books VI  Something for the Boys

Chair: Deidre Johnson, West Chester University

"Nice Sweater, Frank, nice sweater, Joe" - Gayly Parodying the Hardy Boys

James Gifford, Mohawk Valley Community College

Wm. S. Hart's Injun and WhiteySeries: Sentimental Stories

of a Boy and His Pet Indian

Alan Pickrell, Emeritus, Emory & Henry College

The Early Days of Youthful Motoring

John Dizer, Emeritus, Mohawk Valley Community College

Book Collectors Correspond with Edward Stratemeyer

James Keeline, San Diego, California

Conference Rm. 2

671       Composition/Rhetoric II: Rhetorics of Culture

Chair:  Danika M. Brown, University of Texas-Pan American

The Rhetoric of Motherhood

Abby Arnold, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Sweating the Little Things in Sidney Lumet's 12 Angry Men

Walter Jost, University of Virginia

Angel for Hire: Wage Labor, Saving the World, and the End of Obligation

Danika M. Brown

Conference Rm. 3

672       Television in Popular Culture VI: Postmodern Theory Down the Tube

Chair: Christopher Malone, Northeastern State University


Imprisonment through Television

Joseph F. Brown, Auburn University


Coupon: The Movie (The Paper)

Ilya T. Wick, University of Madison, Wisconsin

Larry David and Homo Rhetoricus:  Contextual Freeplay in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Christopher Malone

Conference Rm. 4

673       Women's Studies IV:  Color and Culture: Women Traversing Racial, Corporeal, and Geographical Boundaries

Chair: Allison Boye, Texas Tech University

Sisters Fighting the Frontlines of Racism

Tanja Stampfl, University of New Orleans

Fat Pornography: A Legitimizing Force?

Laura Gladney-Lemon, University of Texas

Riding in Cars with Girls: Women Traveling the Asphalt Frontier

Alexandra Ganser, University of Oklahoma at Norman

Conference Rm. 5

674       Creative Writing Pedagogy II

Chair:  Laura Payne Butler, West Texas A&M University

"No woodland bloomed in spring without song": Reuniting Poetics and Rhetoric in College Composition

Stephanie Wade, Stony Brook University

Memory and the Five-Canon Poetry Writing Class

Tom C. Hunley, Western Kentucky University

Writing Center and the Creative Writing Classroom: A Match Made in Heaven or Match Play?

Laura Payne Butler

Conference Rm. 6

675       Literature & Politics VI:  The Contemporary American Novel

Chair:  Michael Manson, University College of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

A Quest for Agency: Cultural Politics in Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams

Theda Wrede, University of Southern Carolina

Regional Flavour: The Self-Conscious Artist and the Politics of Literary Marketability in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things

Purna Chlowdhury, University of Ottawa

In Remembrance of Tra: The Crisis of Fordism in the Works of Hubert Shelby

Juan José Cruz, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, Canarias, Spain

"Regeneration Through Violence": John Nichols' American Blood

Michael Manson

Conference Rm. 7

676       Vietnam XII:  Vietnam War Films of Oliver Stone

Chair: Mitch Yamasaki, Chaminade University of Honolulu

Whom Were We Fighting?:  Depiction of American Soldiers in Oliver Stone's Platoon

Prescott Yuri, Chaminade University of Honolulu

Odyssey of a Vietnam War Veteran in Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July

Andy Choor, Chaminade University of Honolulu

Oliver Stone's Heaven and Earth: A Vietnamese Perspective in an American Film

Hulita Faitua, Chaminade University of Honolulu

Conference Rm. 8

677       American Prison Writing V: Teaching Inside

Chair: Stephen Steck, University of Montreal

Working as a Dramaturg and Director with Inmates

Laura Pattillo, Saint Joseph's University

Convicts as Writing Mentors for First-Year Composition Students

K. Limakatso Kendall, South Texas

Refuge Behind Clichés: Prison Profile Writing

Carolyn Kraus, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Prison Family Relationships: A Conversation

Toni K. Cyan-Brock ("wife of TDCJ#357316"),

Conference Rm. 9

678       Collegiate Culture II:  Teaching Gender with/in Popular Culture

Chair: Geoff Weiss, Mt. Olive College

Using Science and Science Fiction to Question Biological Sex Dualism

Kasi Jackson, University of Houston

Exploiting the Exploiters: Using Ads and Music Videos to Teach Gender

Lisa Schroot-Mitchum, University of Kentucky

Teaching from the Margins: Personal and Pedagogical Queerness in a Conservative Classroom

Laurie Wood, Utah Valley State College

Dissonance and Homoeroticism in Eighties Action Films

Geoff Weiss

Conference Rm. 10

679       Art & Architecture XV:  Classical, Colonial, and Iconic Structures

Chair:  Derham Groves, The University of Melbourne

Shophouse City: A Cross-Cultural Survey of the Traditional Shophouse

Derham Groves

The Tower of Babel, Jack's Beanstalk and Other Icons of Technology

S. C. Kranc, University of South Florida

Isolation and Resistance: Strategies of Exhibition

Rosemarie V. Basile, Ohio University

One "Found" Dude, Two "Found" Chairs: Decontextualization, Mediated

Memories, and Researching Interiors

Chris RB Fay, University of Texas at Austin

Conference Rm. 11

680       Health Issues in Popular Culture IV: Health, Power, and Identity in American Culture

Chair: Jeannie Ludlow, Bowling Green State University

The Chill of the Law: Chiropractic, Medical Freedom, and Popular Culture

J.S. Moore, Radford University

The Misfits Who Finally Belonged:  How the Socially Unfit Became Socially Hip

Aimee Brown, The University of Texas at Dallas

Identities in Health Care: Toward a Model of Human Territoriality

John H. Sloan and Karen L. Sloan, The University of Texas at Tyler

Something Inside: Politics and the Fetus in Popular Imagery

Jeannie Ludlow

Conference Rm. 12

681       Anne Rice and Her Contemporaries I: My Vampire, Myself

Chair: Heather Surface, Bowling Green State University

AIDS and the Vampire Protagonist

Ami Marie Sommariva, The University of Kansas

The Vampire and the Red Queen: A Psychological Exploration of Blood and Darkness

Michelle Glaubiger, Sonoma State University

Vampires and the Fat Body: How Modern Vampire Tales Reinforce Fat Phobia

Heather Surface

Conference Rm. 13

682       Atomic Culture I:  Civil Defense and Containment

Chair:  Jeff Livingston, California State University, Chico

The Farmer and the Atom: The Iowa State Cooperative Extension Service and Rural Civil Defense, 1955-1970

Jenny Barker-Devine, Iowa State University

Strictly "a man's job" but with "a very domestic touch": The Culture of American Defensive Nuclear Weapons in the Cold War

Christopher John Bright, George Washington University

At Any Moment: Transitional Attitudes and Issues in Civil Defense, 1950-1955

David Burke, Auburn University


Conference Rm. 14

683       Grateful Dead IX:  Spirituality and the Music and Lyrics of the Grateful Dead-Panel Discussion

Chair:  Peter Sawyer, California Institute of Integral Studies


Julia Hardy, Muhlenberg College

Revell Carr, University of California, Santa Barbara

David Gans, Musician, Record Producer, Author

Stan Spector, Modesto Junior College

Conference Rm. 15

684       Deviance and Popular Culture III

Chair:  D. Angus Vail and Phillip Vannini, University of Victoria

Psychotropia: Medicine, Media and the Virtual Asylum

Lawrence Rubin, St. Thomas University

Graffiti Art and Deviant Youth Subcultures:  Rituals of Rebellion in East Central Europe

David Drissel, Iowa Central Community College

The Deviant Mr. Ripley

L. Scott Whitebird, Houston, Texas

Conference Rm. 16

685       Journalism & Media Culture V:  "Heritage Tourism"-Its Journalistic and Media Representations

Chair: James V. Catano, Louisiana State University

This session will feature two short video documentaries, Steel Voices: From Mills to Malls and Movies and Youngstown: Death of Steel City, USA, followed by a discussion by the four panelists.


James V. Catano

Charles Bane, Louisiana State University

Ashley Berthelot, Louisiana State University

Ann Glaviano, Louisiana State University

Conference Rm. 17

686       Cormac McCarthy I

Chair:  Paul Lynch, University of New Mexico

Blood Meridian and the American Sublime

Geoff Hamilton, University of Toronto

Cormac McCarthy's Definition of Manhood: A Restructuring of Patriarchy

Michael Heltgavin, Prince George's Community College in Maryland

Light as Language in Blood Meridian

Andrew Williamson, California State University, Sacramento

Bones, Fire, and War: Adaptation Theories in Blood Meridian, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Fight for the Waterhole

Benjamin Burr, Brigham Young University

"[A] witness against yourself": Confession, Judgment, and Vision in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian; or, What the Kid Saw

Zachary Dobbins, The University of Texas at Austin

Conference Rm. 18

687       Music PCA VII:  Rap

Chair:  Marti Ryan, Red Deer College

Party for Their Right to Fight!: War Party and First Nationsí Rap Music

Marti Ryan and

Karen Wall, Red Deer College

Classic Criticism, Lasting Lyrics, Real Relevance: The Intersection of the Streets of Rap and Academia

Sheryl Rinkol, Northern Arizona University


Conference Rm. 19

688       Geography I

Chair:  Joseph Manzo, Concord College

Teaching Australian Culture Using Elementary Popular Media (Finding Nemo)

Susan McCormack, University of Houston

The Geography of Lewis and Clark

Judy Ware, Fontbonne University

Bird Habitats and Suburban Sprawl

Joseph Manzo, Ron Canterbury, and George Towers, Concord College

SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.

Salon A

689       German Culture III:  Ostalgie I: Consuming the East?

Chair: Joseph Jozwiak, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

What is Ostalgie? The Development of a Phenomenon in Unified Germany

Sebastian Heiduschke, University of Texas at Austin

Goodbye Lenin-Welcome DDR?

Antonia Levy, CUNY, and Janine Ludwig, Humboldt University/Bard College

Ostalgie Consumption

Angelika Kraemer, and Kari Richards, Michigan State University

Commentator: Elizabeth Mermann-Jozwiak, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Salon B

690       Creative Fiction VII:  Fiction

Chair:  Constance Squires, Oklahoma State University


Shoveling Smoke

Stephen Garrison, University of Central Oklahoma

Broadcast Muse

Belinda Bruner, Oklahoma State University

Duck and Cover

Maria Bruno, Michigan State University

Marcie and the Lemurs

Christopher Givan, University of Central Oklahoma

Salon C

691       Native American Studies XII: Pop Medicine: Intersecting Politics and Indigenous Cosmological Frameworks

Chair:  Kimberly Roppolo, McClennan Community College


Popular Culture and Religion: Transformation of the Sun Dance of the Blackfeet

Blanca Tovias, University of New South Wales

Spirituality and the Politics of Diné Origins

Joseph Wilson, Michigan Technological University


'I Was an Indian in a Previous Lifeí: Understanding the Politics of Neoshamanism in an Era of Neocolonialism

Sara C. Sutler-Cohen, University of California at Santa Cruz



Salon D

692       Film and Film Adaptation XVIII: Spectacle and Spectator

Chair: Vincent Samarco, Saginaw Valley State University

The Traumatic Suspension as an Urban Spectacle in Phone Booth

Josephine Huang, State University of New York at Albany

Mirrors As Narrative Devices in the Films of Michael Curtiz

M. Brian Faucette, Appalachian State University

Making the Cut: Documentary Work in John Ford's The Grapes of Wrath

John Smith, Clemson University

"The End of the World as We Know It," or the Remarkably Curative Powers of the American Family: Two Versions of The Ice Storm

Vincent Samarco


Salon F

693       Science Fiction/Fantasy XXV:  Workshop Session

Chair:  Barbara Silliman, Providence College, University of Rhode Island

Speak of the Dead: The Impact of the Ghostly Dead in Six Feet Under

Salon G

694       Masculinities XII and Men's Studies IV: MAMSA (Masculinities and Men's Studies Alliance) Annual Meeting

Co-Chairs: Merry G. Perry, West Chester University, and

Hartmut Heep, Pennsylvania State University, Schulykill Haven

This meeting is open to anyone interested in contemporary issues related to the expanding body of work on Masculinities and Men's Studies. Also, this forum provides an opportunity to join MAMSA (the Masculinities and Men's Studies Alliance) and to meet other members who share similar interests. We will discuss issues of interest to MAMSA members: recent scholarship in masculinities and men's studies, opportunities for shared scholarship and research, forthcoming conferences and opportunities, etc. Please bring your ideas for panels or special sessions for next year's conference. We invite you to send your suggestions for discussion or agenda inclusion to one of the Area Chairs: Merry G. Perry ( OR Hartmut Heep (

Salon H

695       Electronic Culture and Communications III:  New Forms:  The Arts and Electronic Culture

Chair:  Cathleen White, Director of Educational Services, Cleveland Corporate Services

Interface Influences in Technology and Its Representation in Science Fiction

Christopher Ross, Portland State University

Hit Sluts, Page Pimps, Online Diarists and their Quest for Cyber Glory

Elizabeth Podnieks, Ryerson University

Boom-time: Pearl Jam's Cultural Capital for Sale in Hyperspace

Joshua Kupetz, Dickinson College

Salon I

696       Drama and Theatre V:  Theatre and Society: Politics, Truths, and Illusions;

Chair:  Ruth Monroe, Drury University

Hurl-ing through Customs: Irish Theatre Poses Questions Through Sport

Christie Fox, Sam Houston State University

Truth and Illusion: Can Theatre Show Us the Difference?

Bruce Partin, Roanoke College

Justice Sans Super-Hero in The Exonerated and Zoot Suit

Ruth Monroe

Salon J

697       Motorcycle Culture and Myth VII:  Motorcycling and the Self

Chair:  Suzanne Ferriss, Nova Southeastern University


Reborn from the Ashes: Ghost Riderand the Phoenix Myth

Samantha Marsh, Texas A&M University


Pillion Rider Satori: A Matter of Sitting

Charlotta Koppanyi, Stockholm University


Women Who Ride: The Psyche of the Female Motorcyclist

Lisa Garber, Clinical Social Worker


Riding Through-and from-Sturgis

Jane Holwerda, Dodge City Community College



Salon K

698       Mystery/Detective Fiction V:  Quirks, Cuisine, Corpus, and Closure in Mystery/Detective Fiction

Chair:  Viki Craig, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Armchair by Candlelight: The Quirky Deductive Nature of Poe's Dupin

Eden Leone, University of Minnesota--Duluth

Really Radical Repasts: Sue Grafton's Culinary Critiques of Mainstream America

Sue Matheson, Red Deer College

The Violence of Reproduction in Lucha Corpi's Eulogy for a Brown Angel

Amy McGuff, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Defective Endings in Detective Stories

Eyal Segal, Tel Aviv University

Salon L

699       Gender Studies II:  Gender, Feminism and the Global Woman

Chair:  Pam Butler, University of Minnesota

Ingrid Betancourt:  Challenging the System Within

Debra Marie Reynoso, Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Feminism, Representation, and Planned Parenthood's "Global" Women

Pam Butler


Salon M

700       Fashion, Appearance, and the Body V: Body Modifications and the Politics of Ritual 

Chair: Phillip Vannini, Washington State University

The State, the Body, and the Politics of Tattooing

Shyam Sriram, Georgia State University

To Die For:  The Seductive Power of the Tanned Body

Phillip Vannini and

Aaron M. McCright, The University of Chicago


Conference Rm. 1

701       Dime Novels/Pulps/Juvenile Series Books VII: 

Pulps and Series:  A Finale

Chair: Michelle Trim, Michigan Technological University

Strange Sisters and Deviant Dolls: Pulp Fictions of Lesbians

Melissa Sky, McMaster University

Judy Bolton: Tthe Teenage Detective with Class Consciousness

Stacy Nicklow, University of Southern Illinois

Romancing the Future: Using Modern Romance Novels to Prove Feminist Advances in American Culture

Michelle Trim

Calling All Sleuths:  The Magazine Mysteries of Sam and Beryl Epstein

Henri Achee, Houston Community College

Conference Rm. 2

702       Composition/Rhetoric III: (Cultural) Narrative in Composition

Chair:  Reid T. Sagara, California State University, Dominguez Hills

The Imaginary of Brazilian Female Artists

Maria das Vitorias Negreiras do Amaral, National Art Education Association

Complicating the Rhetoric of Cultural Narrative

Robert Affeldt, University of Texas-Pan American

Teacher-As-Cultural-Worker: A (Popular) Cultural Studies Approach to Writing Instruction

Reid T. Sagara

Conference Rm. 3

703       Video Games IV: Happiness is a Warm Controller: Shopping, Socializing, and Stealing Cars

Chair:  Nathan Garrelts, New Mexico State University at Alamagordo

Happiness is More Than the Stuff You Own: Life Lessons from The SIMS

Trenia L. Walker, University of Pittsburgh

150 Years of Chance Encounters in Poetry, Film, and Video Games

Ian Bogost, UCLA

Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Interactive Narrative, Hedonism and the Postmodern Aesthetic/Ethic

David Parry, Albany, New York

Born To Lose: Super-Powered Fatalism and Impossible Heroes in the First-Person Video Game

Mark Daley, Albany, New York

Conference Rm. 4

704       Racial Constructions and Concerns III:  Popular Culture and Education

Chair:  Amy Becker-Chambless, Texas Tech University

Racially Collaborative Writing: Finding and Destroying Offensive Likenesses on Paper

George Steele, Loyola Marymount University

Patriotic Paternalism and the War in Afghanistan: Media (Un)Coverage of Afghan Women After 9/11

Gwen Bergner, West Virginia University

Yo! Asians in the House: Asian American Hip Hop and the Spoken Word

Allison Adah Johnson, Occidental College

Conference Rm. 5

705       Creative Writing Pedagogy III

Chair:  Michael S. Kula, Rollins College

Writing to Grow: The Corderian Theory of Teaching Voice and Ethos

Nahal Rodieck, University of Arizona

Writing the Three Minute Play

Bettye Givens, Paris American Academy

Teaching the Short Play in the Creative Writing Classroom

Michael S. Kula

Conference Rm. 6

706       Literature & Politics VII:  Writers Reading from Their Works

Chair: George Moore, Area Chair, Literature and Politics

Reuben Ellis, writer and author of Vertical Margins: Mountaineering and the Landscapes of NeoImperialism (U of Wisconsin) and Stories and Stone: Writing the Anasazi Homeland (Pruett Press);  Prescott College

Christopher Grimes, author of the forthcoming Public Works: Short Fiction, Very Short Fiction & A Novella from Fiction Collective 2; University of New Orleans

Linda Dove, poet and winner of the Alice Longan Award for Regional Southwest Writing; Yavapai College, Prescott, Arizona

George Moore, poet and author of Headhunting and The Petroglyphs at Wedding Rocks (Edwin Mellen Press); University of Colorado

Conference Rm. 7

707       Local Film Exhibition and Theater Preservation I:  Film Exhibition: Contributing to Culture, Community, and Commerce

Chair:  Deborah Carmichael, Oklahoma State University

The Rise and Fall of the Allen Empire: Movie Exhibition in Canada, 1906-23

Robert M. Seiler, University of Calgary

More Than Moving Pictures: Film Exhibition in 1930s Stillwater, Oklahoma

Deborah Carmichael

Conference Rm. 8

708       Presidential Panel on Teaching Popular Culture

This panel will explore creating and teaching specialized courses in popular culture.

Participants include:

Creating an On-Line Popular Culture Course

Lynn Bartholome, Monroe Community College, and President, Popular Culture Association

Creating and Teaching a Course in American Popular Culture

Gary Hoppenstand, Michigan State University; Past President, Popular Culture Association; and Editor, The Journal of Popular Culture

Teaching a Popular Culture Course as if it Were a Popular Culture Association Annual Meeting

Dennis Shaw, Miami Dade Community College and Florida International University

Following the presentations, there will be an extended question and answer period.

Conference Rm. 9

709       Leadership and Leadership Studies I

Chair:  Patrick E. White, Saint Mary's College

Leadership and Diversity:  Hidden Assumptions

Therese Hoffman, Lourdes College

Don't Hate Us Because We Are Popular:  Leadership Studies vs. Popular Culture

Tim Blessing, Alvernia College

Men of the Oval Office:  Puzzles and Paradoxes of the Presidency

Becky Smith, York College of Pennsylvania

Why Herd Cats?: Metaphors of Academic Leadership

Patrick E. White

Conference Rm. 10

710       American Art and Architecture XV:  Architecture Roundtable

Chair:  Gaylord Richardson, School of Arch. & Urban Design, University of Kansas

American Spatial Concepts

Gaylord Richardson

Palladianism Persists, Even in America

Rene Diaz, University of Kansas

Architecture for a Post-Urban Culture

Phillippe Barriere, University of Kansas


Conference Rm. 11

711       Culture and Religion III

Chair:  Ingrid Shafer, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Progressive Christianity and Evangelism:  A Communication Strategy

L. Keith Williamson, Wichita State University

Evangelicals and the Movies: A Study of Christianity Today

Shanny Luft, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Globalization and Identity of the Iranian Youth: Rupture or Transformation?

Seyed Masoud Mousavi Shafaee, Tehran University

Heathen not Savages: Images of Indigenous Chinese in Women's Missionary Magazines, 1869-1895

Janet Rice McCoy, University of North Texas

Conference Rm. 12

712       Anne Rice and Her Contemporaries II:  Anne Rice's Blood Canticle--Roundtable Discussion

Chairs/Discussants:  Joseph F. Ceccio and William A. Francis, University of Akron

Has Anne Rice really come to the end of her vampires and witches series?  This roundtable discussion will explore how well her latest novel Blood Canticle may serve to conclude both series.  Expect a lively mix of perspectives, relevant film clips, and numerous opportunities for audience participation.

Conference Rm. 13

713       Atomic Culture II:  The Atomic Imagination

Chair:  Scott Zeman, New Mexico Tech

Joshua Lederberg, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and the Fate of Life on Earth

Matthew Aberman, University of California, Santa Barbara

Nuclear Tourism and the Manhattan Project

Jenna Berger, University of Houston

Atomic Composition

Linda Ruth Harris, University of Maryland

The Apocalypse Will Be Televised: The Day Afterand the Resurgence of the Cold War

Aubrey Underwood, Georgia State University

Conference Rm. 14

714       Grateful Dead X:  Musical and Mythical Perspectives on the Grateful Dead

Chair:  Natalie Dollar, Oregon State University-Cascades

Music and Excitement: Buildups in the Music of the Grateful Dead

Mark Mattson & Charles Jacobus, Fordham University

That Old Time X-Factor: Contra Dance, Community, and Transcendence in the 21st Century

Revell Carr, University of California, Santa Barbara

Songs of the Dead: Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey

Lans Smith, Midwest State University


Music, Myth and the Grateful Dead Experience

Nicholas Meriwether, Editor, Dead Letters

Conference Rm. 15

715       Non-Fiction Writing I

Chair:  Dan Jones, Texas A&M International University

Huey Long's My First Days in the White House:  The Fascist Ambitions of an American Duce?

Philip Dubuisson Castille, Eastern Washington University

Codes and Ciphers:  The Pursuit vs. Concealment of Knowledge

Erin Hodgess, University of Houston-Downtown, and

Dan Jones

Conference Rm. 16

716       Photography: West and Southwest Culture and Visions

Chair:  Mario A. Herrera, Arts and Letters, San Antonio, Texas

THINKING BIG:  Contrasting Ansel Adamsí Parmelian Prints and His National parks Photographs

Rebecca Senf, Boston University

Sinaloa, Mexico:  A Fruitful Land with a Strong Will

Marco Antonio Santos-Ayala Acuna, Workshop Languages Institute School Director, Cuilacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Western Views. History, Geography Written with Photos:  Crossover Views Scenes: Still Frames, Film, Video Tape-Infinite Opulence: Visions are Elegant

Mario Alberto Herrera

Conference Rm. 17

717       Cormac McCarthy II

Chair:  Paul Lynch, University of New Mexico

"Dont leave a dog alive if you can help it": Blood Meridian as Heroic Epic

Nicholas Lawrence, Texas A & M University

The Strange Power of Scars in All the Pretty Horses

Ruben Espinosa, University of Colorado at Boulder

Blood Meridian and American Pragmatism

Gavin Cologne-Brookes, Bath Spa University College

The Esoteric Popular, Cormac McCarthy, Zane Grey and the Virtual Transformations of Popular Culture

Allan Bourassa, St. Thomas University

Green Blood: Late Twentieth-Century Environmental Discourse in McCarthy's Blood Meridian

Cory Shaman, University of Mississippi

Conference Rm. 18

718       Folk and Protest Music

Chair:  Christopher Smith, Texas Tech University

The Strange Career of "Olí Man River"

Matthew Brown, UNC-Chapel Hill

Red Country

Jesse Drew, University of California, Davis

Riot Grrrl:  From the Margins to the Mainstream

Angela Simonson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Alan Lomax, Folk Music, and the Romantic Politics of Race

Patrick B. Mullen, Ohio State University

Conference Rm. 19

719       Geography II

Chair:  John Morgan, Emory and Henry College

Bottom of the Harbor:  Staten Island as Liminal Space

James A. Kaser, Archivist, The College of Staten Island/CUNY

Expanding the Basement:  Self-Storage Facilities in Cincinnati

Lawrence Rasche and Macel M. Wheeler, Northern Kentucky University

The New River in Cyberspace

John Morgan


SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Salon A

720       German Culture IV: Ostalgie II: Writing (and Thinking) the East

Chair: Claude Desmarais, York University

Anti-Ostalgie: Answering the Kitsch Trend of Ostalgie

Anne Hector, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Wall in Our Minds? Recent (Re)Assessments of East German Politics and Culture

Elizabeth Mermann-Jozwiak and Joseph Jozwiak, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Choosing a History: Kunst in der DDR

Heather E. Mathews, University of Texas at Austin

Commentators:  Antonia Levy, CUNY, and Janine Ludwig, Humboldt University/Bard College

Salon B

721       Creative Writing X

Chair: Mysti Rudd, Lamar State College - Port Arthur

Carol Lattimore, Texas Christian University

Larry Harper, Utah Valley State College

Millard Dunn, McKendree College-Louisville Centers

Deno P. Trakas, Wofford College


Salon D

722       Film and Film Adaptation XIX: Women Making Movies (WMM) Special Screening

Moderator: Chris George, Educational Marketing Coordinator for WMM

Salon I

723       Drama and Theatre VI:  The Texas Revolution:  A Performance Piece

Chair:  Kayla McKinney Wiggins, Martin Methodist College

Staging a Rebellion: The Texas Revolution in American Drama

Jim Lile, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Salon J

724       Motorcycle Culture and Myth VIII:  Motorcycling and Sexuality

Chair:  Barbara Joans, Merritt College

Queer Borderlands Moto Imagery

Gary L. Kieffner, University of Texas at El Paso

Femme Butch Desire and Biker Babe Mythos

Susan McCully, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and

Martha Marinara, University of Central Florida

Girl on a Motorcycle

Suzanne Ferriss, Nova Southeastern University

Salon L

725       Gender Studies III:  Gender in the 21st Century: The More It Changes, The More We Stay the Same

Chair:  Meredith Guthrie, Bowling Green State University

The Playboy and the Centerfold:  Gender Images in Playboy Magazine

Angie Kirby-Calder, University of Houston

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same:  Sexual & Societal Restrictions in the Harlequin Romance

Susan Hopkirk, Auburn University

Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Vol. 1: A Surprisingly Feminist Film

Sara Netzley, Southern Illinois University

Britney Spears: 21st Century Lolita in Rolling Stone

Meredith Guthrie

Conference Rm. 1

726       Dime Novels/Pulps/Juvenile Series Books VIII: 

Joel Cadbury and Business and Organizational Meeting

Chair:  Alan Pickrell, Emeritus, Emory & Henry College

Howard R. Garis and His Newspaper Bedtime Stories:

The Case of The St. Louis Star

Joel Cadbury, Cornell University

Conference Rm. 2

727       Composition/Rhetoric IV: New Media, New Assignments

Chair:  Carlos Salinas, University of Texas-San Antonio

The Hospitality of Biometrics: Kairos, Embodiment, and the Marketing of Biometrics to Public School Lunch Cafeterias

Michael Harker, University of Oklahoma

Pre-Empting Plagiarisim: Academic Assignments for First Year Composition

Tracey M. Gau, University of North Texas

The End of the Outside World or the Sedentarization of Real Time: Putting Movement into the Third Horizon.

Robert Leston, University of Texas-Arlington

Iconology Reconsidered: Rhetoric and the Cultural Significance of New Media Icons

Carlos Salinas

Conference Rm. 3

728       Video Games V: The Long and Winding Video Game: Narrative and Intertextuality

Chair:  Nathan Garrelts, New Mexico State University at Alamagordo

The Death of Story? Narratology and Online Gaming

Kerry Blasingim, Southern Illinois University

Computer Games and the Electronic Future of Narratology

Will Slocombe, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Disappearing Walls and Collapsing Floors: Teaching the Visual Intertext in Electronic Games

Mark Mullen, The George Washington University

Video Slasher: The Appeal of Shounen-ai and Yaoi

Sandra Watson, University of Arkansas-Monticello, and

Stephanie Watson, University of Arkansas-Monticello

Conference Rm. 4

729       Racial Constructions and Concerns IV:  Special Session: "The House We Live In" from RACE - The Power of an Illusion

Chair:  Amy Becker-Chambless, Texas Tech University

Conference Rm. 7

730       Local Film Exhibition and Theater Preservation II:  The "Boundaries" of Film Exhibition Space

Chair:  Deborah Carmichael, Oklahoma State University

"In Our Case Segregation is Obligatory . . . ":  Interstate Theatres of Texas and the Segregation Issue, 1954-1963

Ron Wilson, University of Kansas

"A Revolutionary Concept in Screen Entertainment": The Emergence of the Twin Movie Theatre, 1962-1964

Christofer Meissner, Minnesota State University-Moorhead

Reconsidering the "Site-Specificity" of Expanded Cinema

Andrew V. Uroskie, San Francisco Art Institute and UC Berkeley

Conference Rm. 9

730B       Advertising I:  I Buy, Therefore I Am: Shopping as an American Pastime

Chair: Sanjukta Ghosh, Castleton State College

The Secret's Out: The Business of Lingerie and the Construction of a Feminine Heaven

Chelsea Robitaille and Marsy Tellier, Castleton State College

Pinching Penneys: Shopping at America's Favorite Department Store

Sean O'Brien, Castleton State Colleges

Conference Rm. 11

731       Culture and Religion IV

Chair:  Ingrid Shafer, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Religious Schools and Cultural Change: A Catholic School Example I

Richard Ognibene, Siena College

Religious Schools and Cultural Change: A Catholic School Example II

Elaine Ognibene, Siena College

"Everything Will Be All Right": God, Angels, and Reconciliation in Andrew Greeley's Contract with an Angel

Warren McWilliams, Oklahoma Baptist University

Objectifying the Quest:  The Virgin Mary as Self

Rebekah Hamilton, The University of Texas-Pan American

Conference Rm. 12

732       Anne Rice III: Vampires and Witches, Oh My!

Chair: Kay Rout, Michigan State University

Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? Rowan Mayfair's Struggle

Tiffany P. Porter, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Fallacious Immortality: Ayesha and Akasha, Queens of the Damned: H. Rider Haggard and Anne Rice

Abigail Bowers, Texas A&M University

The Vampire Within Us All

Christi Nicole Cruz, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

The End of the Line: Anne Rice's Three Families

Kay Rout

Conference Rm. 13

733       Atomic Culture III:  Atomic Images and Icons

Chair:  Scott Zeman, New Mexico Tech

Atomic Comics: Spiderman

Peter Allon Schmidt, Jr., University of Minnesota

The Stamped History of the Nuclear Age

Igor Drovenikov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for History of Science and Technology

Half-Lives: Everyday Ephemera of the Nuclear Era

Mick Broderick, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

"Taking Hell's Measurements": Popular Science and Popular Mechanics Magazines and the Atomic Bomb from Hiroshima to Bikini

Scott Zeman, New Mexico Tech

Conference Rm. 14

734       Grateful Dead XI:  Spirit and The Grateful Dead "X-Factor": Finding It in Today's Music-Panel Discussion

Chair:  Gary Burnett, Florida State University


David Gans, Record Producer, Author, Musician

Revell Carr, University of California - Santa Barbara

Melinda Belleville, University of Kentucky

Jim Tuedio, California State University - Stanislaus

Conference Rm. 15

735       Non-Fiction Writing II

Chair:  Chris Birchak, University of Houston-Downtown

The Court of Last Resort

Chris Birchak

Hell Never Welcomed Two More Kindly Souls: Apostasy in Harry Middleton's The Earth is Enough

Kenneth Hada, East Central University, Oklahoma

Glimpses of Cuba: Pico Iyer's "An Elegiac Carnival" and Buena Vista Social Club

Kathleen Collins Beyer, Framingham State College

Conference Rm. 16

736       Photography I: Photographs to Represent Dynamic Relationships Between Nature and Policy Makers

Chair: Paul Hightower, Indiana State University

Samy Anderson, Indiana State University

Joe Tenerelli, Indiana State University

Paul Hightower

Conference Rm. 17

737       Cormac McCarthy III

Chair:  Paul Lynch, University of New Mexico

Spectatorship and Discrepant Awareness in The Border Trilogy

Richard Wallach

Gnostic Ecology in Cormac McCarthy's Outer Dark

Dianne Luce, Midlands Technical College

"[I]nto a night more dolorous": Cormac McCarthy's Outer Dark as Absurd Phenomenon

Bill Prather, North Georgia College and State University

Huck in the Waste Land:  What Can Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Reveal about Cormac McCarthy's Suttree?

Leslie Worthington, Auburn University

"Books lie": Taking Charge of the Rhetoric of Blood Meridian

Paul Lynch

Conference Rm. 18



SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 6:15 - 8:00 p.m.

Salon D

739       Film and Film Adaptation XX: Women Making Movies (WMM) Special Screening (continued from 4:30 p.m.)

Moderator: Chris George, Educational Marketing Coordinator for WMM

SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 8:15 - 9:45 p.m.

Salon F

740       Science Fiction/Fantasy XXVI:  Saturday Night Party/Movie

Introduction:  Barbara Silliman, Providence College, University of Rhode Island

A showing of the film The Forbidden Planet.


741       Collecting, Collectibles, Collectors, Collections XII:  Party

On Saturday evening in PCA President Lynn Bartholome's suite.  This will be announced during the panels.