Perl/CGI Mini-Certificate Program

James D. Keeline <>

Fall 2002 Schedule
9 Thursdays,
11/7-1/23 Aero 130

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) was developed by Larry Wall in 1986. The most recent version of Perl is 5.8.0. However, we will be using version 5.6.0 on a Red Hat Linux 7.1 system with the Apache web server 1.3.22.

In order to use Perl in this environment, it is a good idea to become familiar with working with Linux commands and editors. We will spend part of the first day doing this. However, you may find the Introduction to Linux class offered on two Wednesday nights (11/13-11/20, 5:30-9:00, room 130) to be helpful if you have limited experience with either the Unix or Linux command line. In most of my examples, I will use the vi editor.

Although there are many good sources of information on Perl on the web, some students also like to have published books to supplement the class material. Books I recommend include the following list. The links point to though you could also look at them at San Diego Technical Books which is near the campus (

Some of the web resources we will use are:
Red Hat Linux:
Apache Web Server:
Vi Editor:

Planned Topics (subject to change depending on pace of class):
Day 1
  1. Registration
  2. Assign Linux User Accounts
  3. Certificates vs. Certification: Review of outline
  4. Logging in from home or class: Secure Shell Clients
  5. Basic Linux Commands and file permissions
  6. Introduction to vi
  7. Basic elements of a Perl program
Day 2
  • Variables and Structures
    • Scalar variables
    • Arrays and Lists
    • Hashes
    • foreach loops
Day 3
  • Conditional statements and structures
    • if...else
    • for loops
    • while... loops
Day 4
  • Input, Output, and working with Files
Day 5
  • Functions and Object-Oriented Programming
Day 6
  • CGI and Processing Simple Web Forms
Day 7
  • Simple Web Applications
  • Installing third-party Perl programs
Day 8
  • Connecting to MySQL
Day 9
  • Using mod_perl