Linux Cluster Technology

James D. Keeline <>

The purpose of this class is to survey some of the techniques used to build high-performance and high-availability cluster computers with the Linux operating system.

Although there is no required textbook for this class, the following are some books which I have found to be helpful. The links below inclue my Amazon Associates ID. You can also find them at a discount at San Diego Technical Books which is located a few blocks from the school.

Linux Operating System

Linux Beowulf Clusters

In addition to printed books, there are a number of useful references for Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Here are a few of the more important ones.

Planned Topics

Beginning Class
Day 1
  1. Registration
  2. Take Class Survey
  3. Assign user accounts
  4. Describe how to log in from home via Secure Shell (SSH)
  5. Overview of class
  6. Basic Linux: navigating the file system and editing files for the web server
Day 2
Day 3
Days 4 and 5