Beginning HTML

Welcome to Beginning HTML. This class is offered through the San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education, New Media Center. This class will meet for two 5 hour periods. The goal of the class is for students new to HTML to gain an understanding of how to tag text in HTML documents to create web pages for the Internet. The class will follow this outline as closely as possible; however, changes may be made according to the pace of the class.

Class I

  1. Create one new folder for all web elements
  2. Designate your first page with the name index.html
  3. Always use web extensions with file names (.html or .htm, .jpg, .gif, etc)
  4. Keep file name abbreviated to 8 or fewer characters (use nav1.html instead of navigationnumberone.html)
  5. Naming rules: never use spaces, punctuation, additional periods, or funny characters in file names. Dashes (-) or underscores (_) are ok if not used at the beginning or end of the file names (for example no "_nav1_.html" but "nav_1.html is ok)

Class II

What happens next?

The New Media Center offers additional classes in HTML. You can take another beginning class that is more extensive or try your hand at the Int./Adv. HTML class or the Advanced HTML class. Check the schedule for class times.

I recommend the Visual Quickstart Guide HTML 4 for the World Wide Web published by the PeachPit Press as an excellent HTML reference and learning book. It sells for about $18 at most bookstores.