Cascading Style Sheets

James D. Keeline <>

This class will examine the powerful web design tool known as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).  Although the popular web browsers implement CSS differently at times, they remain an excellent way to control the appearance of large web sites.  In addition, there are appearance controls possible with CSS which cannot be easily accomplished in any other way.

This class is a necessary foundation for Dynamic HTML (DHTML), which uses CSS and Javascript to present dynamic interactive web pages for your web visitors using appropriate browser software.  If you plan to take the DHTML class, make sure you take a Javascript class such as the ones offered here at the Career Center or get a good book on the topic.  A good introductory book on Javascript is in the Visual Quickstart series:  Javascript for the World Wide Web (Peachpit, 1999) by Tom Negrino & Dori Smith (ISBN 0-201-35463-2).

For CSS, DHTML, and Javascript there are many good resources on the Internet, no specific textbook will be used in this class.  However, if you would like to purchase a reference, some good ones are:

Some of the web resources we will use are:

CSS References:
CSS Tutorials:
Web Browsers:
Site stats:

Topics for Week 1:

  1. Registration.
  2. What is CSS?
  3. Which web browsers support CSS 1?
  4. How does CSS work with HTML?
  5. Where is CSS stored?
  6. What tools can be used to make CSS easier to use?